LG "Optimus Big" with 4.3 Inch Screen in the Works?



Think Big, Think LG, Think LG Optimus Big

HTC has been the industry leader when it comes to "big phones" for the past year. Their crop of devices featuring 4.3 inch displays are becoming more and more popular after each passing day. Lead by devices such as the HTC Inspire , HTC EVO 4G and the newly released HTC Thunderbolt, they undeniably have the largest lineup out there.


Leaked Photo Shows New LG Device, Optimus Big

But it's looking like another contender is in the works. The device beside the iPhone in the above image is rumored to be the latest LG prototype, code named "Optimus Big." Featuring a 4.3 inch screen, a front-facing camera and said to run a undetermined build of Android. The Optimus Big is rumored to run on a single core 1 GHZ processor, include a T-DMB TV Tuner, and sport an ultrasharp NOVA display.

For now, it's very unlikely this device is US-bound but if if we somehow are lucky enough with a sister device, I expect it to include a dual core processor and be 4G-capable.

Source: XportsNews (South Korea)

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