LG G-Slate and GX2 Coming to T-Mobile April 20th

March 17, 2011 - Written By Mike Corbett

If you have been following LG, and are excited for CTIA (which is a big show). You may be in luck, LG has some devices that we all know about, the G-Slate and G2X. One is a dual core tablet, the other a dual core phone. The LG G2X launched in other parts of the world already so many already know of its goodness, but here in America we have so far been left behind, but April 20th may be the day to set… wait 4-20? Hmmm. Well no matter what the meaning of the day, we could be seeing a brand new Tablet as well as a brand new very powerful phone coming state side very soon and this is good news for all.

It is sounding like T-Mobile may pick up both of these devices which is good news because I have been noticing a slight lull in powerful T-Mobile devices. Mark the calendar guys.