In Today's Thunderbolt News: New Firmware Available, Ready to Ship


HTC Thunderbolt: This Rumor Says It's Shipping

It appears that the infamous HTC Thunderbolt coming to Verizon is finally ready to ship. The well known Verizon affiliate  Black_Man_X put out a tweet tweet that has since been deleted stating "Thunderbolts are go!!" The March 3rd and 4th dates are still possible but it could be as late as the 15th before the device hits store shelves.

But don't forget these HTC Thunderbolt past rumors

The new firmware recently leaked appears to have fixed the device's rumored terrible battery life. So everything appears to be in order at this point, but just as the rumors put out before, nothing is ever for sure with the HTC Thunderbolt.


Firmware link: PG05IMG

Source: Phandroid