IN Media: Tablet PC 7 and Set Top Box Coming Soon for Android Lovers

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IN Media has recently announced a few new Android products they will soon be releasing.  The Tablet PC 7 and what sounds to be an awesome Set Top Box for your big screen.  And yes, both running Android 2.2.Unfortunately we do not have any pics for the Tablet PC 7, but we do have a little bit of info on it.  IN Media is looking to compete with the big boys by offering a lot of the goodies we are familiar with such as a camera, WIFI, removable  SD, and Bluetooth, but still put out a reasonably priced device.

CEO of IN Media Dr. Nick Karnik said, “We are allowing users to migrate from Laptops and Netbook PCs to the more robust applications supported on the Tablet running Android 2.2. The Bluetooth keyboard capability provides a smooth transition.”  IN Media hopes to start selling their tablet in April for $199.  Wow!The next device they are working on is a Set Top Box for your TV.  Again, running Android 2.2.  What does that mean you say?  Not only will you be able to stream content from the internet, but you will also be able to play Angry Birds directly on your television.Another point that was made was it can also be used as a business device by displaying the companies logo or message across the TV screen in the reception or greeting areas.  Those messages or logos can be changed through a web browser.

How will you control the Set Top Box?  Most likely through your Android phone or possibly the new Tablet PC 7.  They haven’t really disclosed much detailed information as to how it will work.  But I am already a big fan.

We do not have any pictures, pricing or availability dates as of yet, but will let you know as soon as more information becomes available.

About inMEDIA

IN Media Corporation is an integrator of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services and content for major platform and service providers (e.g. cable, satellite, internet providers). IN Media provides a combination of products and services: set-top box hardware and software services, manufacturing of the set-top boxes, library of content, and content aggregation for platform providers to implement an all-in-one solution for IPTV services.


Source: Slash Gear, Android Community