HTC Thunderbolt Rooted? Now With One-Click Access

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Rooting the HTC Thunderbolt made Quick and Easy

With each new phone coming out, the thought always persists, "How can I root this phone, and customize it to my liking?" This question holds true for the new HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon. Through use of a batch file, there is now a one-click way to root the phone. Here are the instructions and prerequisites thanks to XDA Developers forum.

Prerequisites for a One-Click Root of the HTC Thunderbolt:

  • Drivers Installed & working
  • SDK Installed with ADB
  • with contents extracted to your ADB dir
  • Downgrade RUU
  • An HTC Thunderbolt running 605.6 or 605.9 Firmware

Got all the Requirements?  Now Root your Thunderbolt

If these prerequisites are met, you can follow yourselves over to this XDA Thread and download the batch file to root the phone. Simple as that. This method may not be the simplest way to root the phone, considering all the prereqs, but the idea of a one-click root is definitely appealing to most Android users. Good luck and happy rooting!