HTC Thunderbolt Kernel Source Released

HTC Thunderbolt 1

HTC Releases Kernel Source for Thunderbolt

HTC seems to have caught the spirit of the open-source community. They've released the kernel source for the HTC Thunderbolt, which is big news for the owners of this cutting-edge handset.

Those of you who appreciate the significance of this announcement are probably skipping right to the download link and grabbing the source code.


For those of you who are not clear on what we're talking about, HTC has joined the ranks of manufacturers who have released the source code for the kernel, that is to say, the central core of the operating system, that runs on their devices.

Custom ROMs for HTC Thunderbolt Will be Here Soon

What all this means is that developers will have the opportunity to hack and tweak HTC's kernel to produce new and improved versions of the OS (known as ROMs) for Verizon's current flagship phone.

What we can expect to see next will be a new crop of ROMs for the Thunderbolt, as well as ports of existing ROMs for this phone.


So Where's this Thunderbolt Code?

Erstwhile ROM-hackers can find the source code on HTC's developer website. The rest of us will be waiting eagerly to see what the developer community comes up with. We'll keep you posted as we hear of new ROMs emerging for the HTC Thunderbolt, as we do with other devices.

via XDA developers