HTC Merge Has Finally Passed FCC Approval

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HTC Merge Makes Another Milestone, FCC Gives Green Light

The HTC Merge has finally obtained the approval from the FCC. This phone has been tested, played with, and disassembled. After months of rumors, it looks like this beast is coming to Verizon. After all of the back and forth about when this phone will be coming out, it looks like the wait was for the 4G LTE to be added.

HTC Merge on Verizon.  Not on Verizon.  WTF?

The backstory of the HTC Merge is a crazy one. The Merge was initially talked about months ago and plenty of people were able to get a "hands on" this phone. Then all of a sudden, it was gone. Nothing…it was thought to be cancelled, sold on eBay and all of a sudden, it showed up on Alltel… weird. The strange thing is Verizon has been selling accessories for a while.

After the wait, the phone got its FCC approval and unfortunately, there is still no word on when it will be released. Keep your fingers crossed that the HTC Merge will be available soon.


Via Androidcentral