HTC DoubleShot, Dual Core Android Smartphone for T-Mobile: What Is It?


HTC DoubleShot The Rumored Pyramid?

There is a new rumor making its rounds through the T-Mobile community about a new phone nicknamed the HTC DoubleShot. Unlike the other HTC device scheduled for T-Mobile, the "Pyramid," very few details are known about the HTC DoubleShot. The Pyramid is supposed to be a 4.3 inch screen dual core flagship device and both are supposed to be introduced later this month at CTIA. The HTC DoubleShot sounds like it could be referring to a dual core device (hints the "Double") and may actually be the Pyramid or a close cousin.

HTC DoubleShot Hopefully A Dual Core Superphone

It is supposed to be released running Android OS 2.4 (Gingerbread) just as the Pyramid is, as should most phones being introduced from this point forward. As details are scarce everything at this point is pure speculation. However it is good to see the HTC and T-Mobile are planning to have strong portfolios for the second half of 2011.


What do you guys think of the coffee theme HTC has been using recently and  what specs do you expect the HTC DoubleShot to come with?

Via TmoNews