Hands-on Impression: Archos's new Arnova 8 and 10 [Video]


New Archos Tablets: Arnova 8, Arnova 10, Prices (Low!) and Specs (What do you expect?)

Archos is known for making cheap and affordable tablets for consumers, but the company has decided to cut down the cost even further. Their two new tablets, Archos Arnova 8 and Archos Arnova 10, are added to the "low-price" segment and going to be even cheaper than the cheapest  tablets. Both these tablets were all over the internet.

Earlier this week, the FCC decided the stop the production of the tablets and then their specifications were leaked in a Russian website. But now, the tablets are real deal and there some specifications available. These details are given by Charbax, who was kind enough to get the details and take videos of hands-on impression of the devices.


Archos Arnova 10 Tablet Specifications

The Arnova 10 has similar design lines to the Archos 101. The tablet features a 600 MHz Rockchip RK2818 processor, internal memory of 4 or 8 GB with microSD slot, 10.1 inch resistive touchscreen with 1024 x 600 resolution and has Android OS 2.1 (Eclair) as its operating system.The price tag on this tablet is just $199. The device is going to have a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 Rockchip RK 2918 and a capacitive touchscreen in April.

Archos Arnova 8 Tablet Specifications

As far as the Arnova 8 is concerned, features consist of 8 inch resistive touchscreen with 800 x 600 resolution and the same processor as that of Arnova 10. The internal memory is only 4 GB with microSD slot.The Arnova 8 would set you back only $149.

Both the devices can play videos with various formats such as avi, mp4, mov, flv, and also H264 along with RMVB, both up to 720p (30 fps).In terms of interfaces and connectivity, both these devices have USB 2.0 Host MSC, USB 2.0 Slave MSC, microSD slot and WiFi b/g but no bluetooth.With the prices so low, these tablets seem to be good enough for customers.


Check out the videos on the hands-on impression of the Arnova 8 and 10 tablets.

Video of Archos Arnova 8 Tablet


Video of Archos Arnova 10 Tablet



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