Google Voice Now Works on Motorola Xoom, But not by Google


Motorola XOOM now does Google Voice, Thanks to Hacker

Wondering when Google Voice will work on the Motorola Xoom? Well if you waiting for Google to fix this issue, you will need wait a little bit longer. But that's okay, because thanks to a member of the Android Central forum, we have a working Google Voice app. Elysian893 from AndroidCentral has figured out a way to have a working copy of Voice on the Xoom.

How to get Google Voice on the Moto XOOM?

The question is not "how", but more of a question of "why didn't I think of this". Using a Motorola Droid, the Google Voice application was backed up and then loaded on to the Xoom. This crafty little move allowed the Xoom to understand the application and load it into its application arsenal.

What's a Tablet Doing With Google Voice?

You might be asking yourself, why a tablet. Why with its big size is something concerned with making phone calls? Well the thought behind adding Google Voice was not to make phone calls. It was to send text messages and check voicemails, something every tablet lover has been dreaming of.


If you want the full story on the Google Voice app, check out the Android Central forum