GO Contacts: Another way to Stay in Touch, Android-style


GO Contacts brings new contacts, dialer apps for Android

The GO Dev team has brought another twist to the standard Android phone apps that are installed on phone: a contacts and dialer application. The new app comes with a very nifty user interface that combines some " shininess," if you will, of iOS and functionality of Android into a very nice package. The GO Dev team has already brought around a couple of nice apps including GO SMS, and GO Launcher EX.

What's In the GO Contacts and Dialer?

The new GO Contacts application has good integration with the Launcher especially. The dialer almost has an iPhone feel to it, (notice I said feel, not "exactly like") and it does have a neat feature that if you have phoned someone multiple times, it will collapse it into a single item under the persons name, expandable on click.

The Contacts app is nice too, although a warning in advance, if you sync your twitter contacts, there is no option to hide them. The rest of the app is fairly intuitive including a favorites tab, and groups. The only real complaint against the app would be performance. It can be slightly sluggish at times and did crash a couple times.


If you want to try out the new GO Contacts app, you can get it on the Android Market for free.