Galaxy S Plus… the Plus stands for Speed and Gingerbread!

samsung galaxy s 2

Here Comes a Galaxy not far away: Samsung Galaxy S Plus!

A new Samsung Galaxy S is on its way! The extremely popular line that has graced all four major carriers in the US is kicking their name up a notch. Thats right, who would want a Galaxy S when there will soon be a Samsung Galaxy S PLUS! This one's got a bunch of new specs as well, so it's more than a name change and different carrier. Let's have a look at some of the nuances of this device.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus features

  • 1.4 GHz processor
  • Metallic back cover (goodbye plastic!)
  • 4 inch super AMOLED screen
  • 8 GB on-board memory
  • 1650 mAh battery
  • Android OS 2.3.x (Gingerbread)
  • Most likely Touchwiz 4.0

Where is this new Galaxy?  Right now, Russia

Now the news that might upset some of you. The device will be hitting by the end of April…in Russia. No word on if or when this li'l guy will hit stateside or who it will be with, but I'm sure they will try to do a multi-platform launch like they did with the Galaxy S (not Plus).

As long as they shy away from the stigma that they don't update their phones, this device (or here possibly devices) should be another hit. Based on specs, does this model peak your interest? I admit its hard to commit to phones nowadays, especially without a solid release date, carrier, or even if it will have a next generation chip (such as LTE capability or dual core).

What are your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S Plus? Let us know!

Source: Samsung Hub