Fed Up With Motorola's Locked Phone Policy? Petition Has Started


Motorola: I Canz Lock Ur Bootloader?

It seems that no one in 2010 tried harder to lock down their phones than Motorola. While the company has indeed provided some good hardware, the locked-down nature has annoyed a lot of Android fans, and there was only so long they were going to take it lying down.

With over 4000 signatures (at the time of writing) a petition has started aiming to get Motorola to provide an unlocked/unencrypted bootloader option for its end users (for past/present/future phones).


Lets all say it together. No more locked down bootloaders and no more eFuse!

The Arguments on Locked Bootloaders

Their is an argument to be made about the ability to do as you please with an Android phone.

One side says that opening it up can lead to a lot of trouble for Motorola having to deal with to many amateurs bricking their phones or breaking future updates. Essentially it's their product and they can do what they want with it.


The other side says that they paid for it so why shouldn't they have the option to tinker, and who says it should be up to Motorola to dictate how they use their phone.

Why I Want an Unlocked Phone, Can You Hear Me Now?

Personally I would go with the latter. Thanks to people like Cyanogen and Team Douche (I use CyanogenMod but I also know there are tons of other awesome coders/designers as well!) my phone is constantly getting better and better updates, something you  can't say with a locked down phone. Also from my own experience with MotoBlur I think its safe to say that the option to install custom ROMS is definately needed.

So what do you think? Will you be signing the petition? Or do you sit on the other side of the fence? Hit the comments below to tell us.