Enterproid Divide and VMware Offer Business Solutions for Android


Android is Open for Business with Enterproid and VMWare

If having a Droid Pro wasn't enough, Android is now aiming at business types like never before. Maybe part of it is due to the release of Windows Phone 7 series, but there are currently two sets of software that allow you to separate business and personal on one phone.

Enterproid Divide

Enterproid Divide is a recent release that takes security very seriously, making it great for any large company that wants its employees happy with their phones. Users can easily switch between business and personal profiles by double tapping the home button. Thankfully, this quick step isn't required of new notifications, instead just clicking on the notification will cause the phone to switch the the appropriate profile where they can read the new message.


The business profile looks slightly different from the personal profile and features apps that are built specifically with security in mind. Divide syncs with any Exchange email server, giving users the ability to send and receive business emails worry free. Other secure apps include calendar, contacts, browser, phone, and SMS text messaging. If that isn't enough for your business then send your IT guys to Enterproid's SDK so they can create secure apps for employees. This, along with the cloud mentality behind Divide allows businesses to create and manage employees' business profiles without having to install servers or other infrastructure. It even allows IT to configure phones to be wiped or debugged if the phone is rooted or has a SIM card removed.

Enterproid Divides Your Work, Home Areas

Now you may be wondering how much freedom is lost with this software if businesses can remotely configure your phone, but here's the great thing about Divide: the personal and business profiles are completely separated so that IT can't go into your personal profile and dig around. They aren't even allowed to view your GPS location unless you sign a waiver disclosing that information to them (something that some companies would like to enforce).

Enterproid Divide is currently being released as a beta. If you or your company are interested, head over to http://www.enterproid.com/ and they'll set you up.



VMware is the same basic idea as Divide, having a personal half and business half to your smartphone. It also has enterprise securities in place and allows for IT to manage aspects of your business profile (GPS, copy/paste, bluetooth, camera) remotely. One thing that's missing from VMware's software is the ability to manage business things yourself. Instead, corporate is in charge of what apps are on the business profile.

VMware Coming When?

Unfortunately there's no release date yet but the director of product management is reported as saying it'd be released later this year and that they would also look into releasing to other platforms in addition to Android.

Via V3 UK & intomobile