Costco to have the XOOM on the 27th, will it be Cheaper in Bulk?

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Motorola XOOM at Costco

A lot of people have been waiting for a Wi-Fi only Android tablet since they first started coming out, and it looks like Sunday is the day for the Motorola XOOM. Even though the Samsung Galaxy Tab came out first, it looks like Moto is coming out of the gate for people who don't want carrier costs.

The Wi-Fi only device is set to be released at $589.99 at Costco, and it comes with the Moto Gel Case as well! For comparisons sake, this is $10 less than the 32 GB Wi-Fi iPad 2, and this one will have the option of adding an additional 32 GB card after an upcoming software update.


Wi-Fi Only Motorola Xoom, Costco Version Throws in the Gel Case

The XOOM is the first Android OS 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablet, which is a specific version of Android for tablets. Motorola also worked directly with Google on this, and it is a completely stock experience! Flash 10.2 also came out last week for it, and it works pretty well! It also has the new version of Google Talk with video chat, so you can talk to anyone with a Gmail account on Wi-Fi (also 3G and LTE after the free upgrade on the original). What more could you ask for?

Anyone planning on waking up early this Sunday for a Wi-Fi only Motorola XOOM?