Coders Contest! Google giving away 100 free I/O Tickets!


Google I/O sold out in just about 57 minutes this year. I can only imagine the frustration of trying to get a ticket during that hour, im sure the servers were going nuts. Well if you REALLY want to go this year, Google is giving coders a second chance. They stashed away 100 tickets to give away in the form of a coders contest! The team at Google always has fun with these kind of contests, and they are rarely easy. They have it setup to give 10 a day away for 10 days, each day with a specific "theme". Here are the days themes;

  • March 16 – Android, 9:00 am
  • March 17 – Chrome, 9:00 am
  • March 18 – App Engine, 9:00 am
  • March 21 – YouTube APIs, 9:00 am
  • March 22 – Game Developers, 9:00 am
  • March 23 – Google Maps / Geo, 4:00 pm
  • March 24 – Commerce, 9:00 am
  • March 25 – Developer Tools / GWT, 9:00 am
  • March 28 – Accessibility, 4:00 pm
  • March 29 – Google Apps / Enterprise, 4:00 pm



The challenge of the day will be listed on the contest site here, and you will have 24 hours to complete round one, then about 20 hrs for round two, which is the coding challenge. Google is always looking for coders as well, so don't be surprised if they pull a Willy Wonka and offer jobs to the winners as well! Best of luck to you all in this challenge!