Canadians Stuck Waiting another Week for the WiFi XOOM?

motorola xoom canada

This news certainly won't bode well for our readers to the north (0f me, at least). Both Future Shop and Best Buy are now showing that 4/15 is the date they will have the wifi XOOM, when up until recently it was 4/8. Some people might read this and say , eh it's only a week. Those people aren't as insane as some of us are! I'm sure of you have your passports, right? Take a weekend trip to the USA to pick up your XOOM here on Sunday (or as early as yesterday). I'm not sure if you can get in trouble for "smuggling" tablets across the border, though. We'll have plenty of coverage here on the XOOM, so at least when you can finally get it, you'll already know all of its ins and outs!