Canadian Giveaway: Motorola Atrix, Lapdock, & Multimedia Dock


Bell Contest: 5 Free Motorola Atrix Packages

Bell Canada is officially releasing the Motorola Atrix on March 17th. What better way to promote a release date than offer 5 lucky Canadians a FREE Atrix 4.

That's right, 5 FREE. And not just the phone itself, Bell is giving away a Lapdock and an HD Multimedia Dock with the phones. This comes to a whopping $1,230 value. That's not a bad deal to win.

What do you mean, Motorola Atrix Giveaway?

Bell is posting the opportunity to win this bundle right on their website, so check it out here. Good luck to all those that enter the contest, and may the Motorola Atrix be with you.