Can the Motorola Xoom Succeed Outside US? At These Prices?

Motorola XOOM 3

Motorola Xoom Pricing: Will It Hurt Worldwide Launch?

At last some good news about the Motorola Xoom, since all the bad reports regarding the price it was getting before it even hit the shops . "'They're off to a good start," according to Sanjay Jha said. Jha was speaking to financial analysts at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, without any sale figures which would shed a bit more light on his comment.

Can the Motorola Xoom Win Over the United Kingdom?  Dear, Dear, Dear Pricing Again?

Motorola is looking to target several countries where they need a larger presence, such as the UK. Today we had a very small glimpse of Motorola getting back in that market with a bang, but it was short lived. PC World did have the price of the Motorola Xoom up for £499 but the landing page was quickly removed. Was the price wrong, and will we see the  price fiasco that was seen on the lead-up to the US release?

Motorola Looking for Global Success, Checking out the Competition in determining Xoom Pricing

With 75 percent of Motorola's income generated by the US, they are seeking to be a global seller. China is a prime target and with all the other offerings from LG, HTC and Samsung, Motorola has some work to do to get the Xoom noticed.  Being the first at the table with the tablet-specific OS, Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), they should be in a good position to test the water but will they get burnt going worldwide?

Not long ago we asked will the price hurt the sales of the Xoom. As anything, time will tell and I don't think we'll be waiting long for the answer. Have you got one, do you know anyone who has one or has a Tablet which is what you're looking for?

Will Canada Welcome Motorola Xoom or Stick with Samsung?

Rogers has dropped the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab to £299.99 and this is of course in preparation for the newer Tabs. Samsung is the prime choice for Canadians, and with more Samsung products on the march, will the Motorola Xoom have a chance with this pricing?

Source: Yahoo News/AFP