Asus to Enter Tablet Wars with Android 3D Tablet?

March 14, 2011 - Written By Jordan Yost

Asus Launching Tablet at Milan Design Week

While you may know about Nintendo’s 3DS, you may not know about Asus’ next Android tablet. That’s because they plan to make the announcement at Milan Design Week in April. This conference is all about design, as the name suggests, so it’s unclear as to what exactly Asus will unveil but according to a tweet by Asus UK that features the above image, we can assume it’ll involve a new Android tablet.

Will that Asus Android Tablet be 3D?

One thing is for sure; if Asus launches a 3D tablet without needing glasses then it’ll be the first interactive, large screen device to do so and that would be a huge selling point for them and Android.

Via Android Community