AppBrain now Watching how You Use Android Market


AppBrain Brings News Android Stats

Haven't you always wanted to know which apps are getting the most downloads and which phones are doing the most downloading? Well if this is the case for you, you are in luck. AppBrain, known for their recommendation engine for Android apps, just launched a new service. The AppBrain Android Stats service allows you to see what applications are getting the most hits and who is downloading them.

AppBrain Android Stats: Which devices, which apps

Don't worry, the service is not designed to follow your every move, but it is giving some awesome stats on what phones download the most. For example, the HTC Evo and Samsung Galaxy S are the two phones with the highest number of downloads to their name.


How Many Android Apps? AppBrain Now Knows

Want to see how many apps are in the market, well that you can check through Android Stats (spoiler alert, around 150,000). They even have a category of "low-quality" apps, just to give you a taste of the repertoire that Android Stats will be offering. Since the launching of the Android Web Market, this is exactly what's been needed to check up on the market statistics.