Android Market is Finally Coming to Google TV Devices!

March 3, 2011 - Written By Jason Grier

Now Google TV can Go to Android Market, and Get App Happy!

According to the General Manager of Google TV products at Logitech, Ashish Arora, a version of Android Market should be hitting the platform in a “very short time.” This quote was in response to a question posed during a panel discussion at OTTCon, a television/tech conference that just concluded. He expanded on his quote by saying it is 100% happening this year, it will be happening in a very short time period.

Is Android Market what Google TV has been missing?

Any readers out there have a Google TV device? I think having a version of the Market available for Google TV devices will make it a much more appealing device for many people!  What’s your take on this?  Would having the Android Market on Google TV make it more compelling?

Source: GearLive via AndroidCommunity