Amazon App Store Cracked for Non-US Users, more Free Apps for Everyone


Amazon App Store Now Available for All, Despite US-only Launch

Amazon has been getting a lot of press recently with the release of its new Amazon App Store, but there's just one problem with it. Only US citizens can use it.

That is until now. When the new app store came out last week I was excited to try it. I use Amazon quite frequently and the chance to see how they could compete in the App space intrigued me. Imagine my disappointment when I realised I wouldn't be able to access.


The Trick to Getting Amazon App Store Access

Now imagine my pleasant surprise when I found out there was a way. It seems that Amazon does not restrict access by your actual location, but by the home address and credit card listed on your account. The way to bypass the restriction is obvious after this little revelation. Simply create a fake account with an American home address and credit card spoof (How-to will listed in the steps below). Of course, I will point out now that unless you actually have a valid American credit card then you will not be able to buy apps, only download free ones.

How To Access Amazon App Store from Abroad

For the eager non-Americans out there, here is the step-by-step courtesy of AboutEverything


1.  Get yourself a new email address. Using your current account could make life difficult in the future since entering fake information on Amazon can get you banned.

2. Register your new Amazon account with the new email address; same reason as above.

3. Enter information as if you were based in the US. is useful for this as it gives you everything you need for spoof information.


4. Download the Amazon Store apk to your phone. Make sure you tick Unknown Sources in the Application Settings on your phone so the program can be installed properly. (It should prompt you to do so anyway).

5. Log in with your new account and give it a go. I have tried it and I can confirm it works!

Let us know if you have similar success!