1Mobile Market Android Alternative Market Application Review

A Mobile Market, 1Mobile Market

App Name: 1Mobile Market

Description: 1Mobile Market can guide you to the highest quality Android apps for your needs at any given moment.

1Mobile Market Android Alternative Market Application Review

How it works: 1Mobile Market is an alternative app store for Android and allows the user to be able to browse apps just like they would in Google's Android Market through a different experience with a very fluid user interface (UI).

Opinion: I used this app as my default "market" when looking for any and all applications and found it to be very easy to use. There was no learning curb and there were two new features that I think would be very beneficial to anyone new to the Android world or those wanting a new, different, and deeper Market experience.

Ratings :

  • Speed (5/5) -   The application and it's UI are fast and streamline. The true speed of interaction will really depend on the user's data connection of course, so that is of course out of the application's hands so-to-speak.
  • Features (4/5) -  This Android Market alternative offers users a new way of looking at or researching the usability of applications besides their brief descriptions or user's comments, through "App Lists." I personally have never seen this integrated into such a place before and found it really nifty, but also practical and an easier way to browse through apps in a lump-sum manner. It was my favorite feature and is very original and refreshing to see. Multiple screen shot previews were also great to see and also appreciated over the two or three most apps on the Android Market tend to have.
  • Theme (4/5) - This application is very streamline as I have mentioned and the theme carries that off as well and keeps everything consistent and fluid. The colors aren't bright or vibrant, but they are easy on the eye and don't look or feel strained. It resembles the original Android Market, but right from the get go and it has a very different feel. The low tones of color, keep it simple and really tie everything well as if one was reading a newspaper of the Android Market.
  • Overall (4/5) - The application was very simple and easy to use and not at all intimidating with the phrase "Android Market Alternative" and was a pleasure to use. The usability of the app was complimented with the color scheme and was very fluid and never once felt forced or did something seem off and forced.


-easy to use right from the beginning

-App Lists help put multiple apps in the same place with a blurb about the apps in general

-able to see an "essential list" of apps

-general feel of a store for the user and not a store a user must use


-must be downloaded from the app's site, can't get through Android Market (obvious to some as a Market replacement, but App Brain can be found on the Market)

-wasn't able to find a way to update apps downloaded from 1Mobile Market, and didn't appear on the Android Market to go through there to see if they are up to date or not

Conclusion: The application is very functional and easy to use as well as makes itself friendly through App Lists. Multiple screen shots for apps without having to expand a collapsed menu was great as well as the ability to share the App Lists with others as well through multiple means, just another way how the application wishes to be easy for many people to use and prefer. For those who believe that the Market has gone stale for them and want something new to check out and explore, 1Mobile Market is a great alternative to see if it better suites the user's needs. After all, necessity is the mother of invention and Android is about innovation, so I do recommend that this alternative be checked out. I do believe that a good number of users would prefer this to the Android Market, I would use it over App Brain easily and over the Market as well if I wasn't concerned about not getting the latest version of the app if the developer(s) update the apps downloaded (I'm sure this though could be fixed through an update).

You can Download the Application Via this Link


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