Wheel Of Fortune Comes to Android Market

February 7, 2011 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Do you love watching the Wheel of Fortune on TV? Have you played an internet version or CD version? I have the CD version from a long while back, and enjoyed it very much. Now Sony Pictures Television has brought Wheel to Android OS users. While there have been several versions of Wheel of Fortune already available on the Android Market for free or $0.99, this is a new authentic Sony Pictures Version available for $4.99.

Sony Pictures has an official website where you can play Wheel on Facebook, or even join the Wheel Watchers Club. Wheel has been an extremely popular game show on television since 1975. Now in its 36 year run, Wheel of Fortune is still as loved as ever, and I see no end in sight. It is obviously still very popular since it’s played on the iPhone, and now on Android.

If you are a Wheel fan, you may be interested in the history of Wheel of Fortune. I found it pretty funny to see the original host Chuck Woolery, and original letter turner Susan Stafford. Pat Sajak and Vanna White (on the show currently) didn’t come into the picture until the early 80’s. I often envied Vanna White making a good living by turning letters. It certainly seems to me she has a good thing going, looking beautiful and turning those letters!

To give the Wheel a spin, hurry on over to the Android Market on the web or your phone. ¬†Good luck, have fun, and most important, don’t go bankrupt!