Video: Two Powerful Devices, Too Many Rumors

motorola xoom flash

Deep breaths, this month is almost over.  And with the ending of this month we should see the end of all the rumors.  As we are getting closer to the rumored release dates of the Motorola Xoom and the HTC ThunderBolt, Verizon has put out some pretty clever commercials.

In the first commercial for the Xoom, Verizon shows a nice 16 second Droid-styled teaser plus, wait for it, A RELEASE DATE!!  Not too shabby for one of the most highly-anticipated overpriced devices with missing features to kick off the year.  But hey, it’s still nice of Verizon to commit to something.  Honestly the Xoom is going to be one pretty awesome tablet.  A bit pricey with a shaky release but it will work itself out.

Below you will find the ad for the Xoom.  Just after the video you’ll find more info on the Thunderbolt.


That was a fun commercial, on to the Thunderbolt.  We’ve seen a few different ads or teasers so far.  This one is a 30 second commercial that Verizon has been playing on every major network every chance they get.  What’s missing?  Yep, release date.  I am willing to bet that the rumored date of the 24th is going to pass us by.  The 28th still seems to be reasonable.  I would like to say Verizon is plugging away trying to get these devices right.  And that they want to put out the best devices they can.  I would like to  say it, but Verizon has been pretty hush-hush with all the rumors and theories so I can’t.  On top of it, Best Buy doesn’t help by adding their two cents, or three, hmm maybe I meant two.  I am so confused and frustrated.  Either way it should only be a matter of time.  I can almost promise you that the Thunderbolt will be out this year.  On that note, here’s the commercial.