Verizon Escalates Thunderbolt Delay by Zapping their own Ads

verizon tbolt ad private

Big Red Yanks YouTube Commercials for Long-Awaited, Repeatedly-Delayed Device

If you haven't already had doubts about when Verizon's first LTE device, the HTC Thunderbolt, would make an appearance, this latest development will have you shaking your head, or maybe calling your oddsmaker.  Remember those highly-charged ads we showed you last week for the lightning-fast 4G smartphone?  They've been taken off YouTube.  Yes, even the older ones are gone.

Battery power problems and radio issues are latest suspected cause of the troubled device's failure to launch; this is supposedly the sixth delay so far. Ad removal could suggest that Verizon is literally walking this phone, which was announced at CES in January, back to HTC's drawing boards.  Other rumored reasons for the handset's no-show include not playing well with Skype, and problems with the mobile hotspot feature.  These continuous technical difficulties make the conspiracy rumor that Verizon delayed the launch to avoid iPhone purchase-return-and-exchange sound almost quaint.

Here's the latest ad, no longer available on Verizon's YouTube site but copied by another member.  Think Verizon will ask them to take it down?  Just in case they do, we've included some screenshots for you as well.  This ad had just been released this past Tuesday, February 22nd.

Needless to say, the latest rumored release dates of March 4th and March 10th are looking a lot less likely.  Place your bets in comments below!

Source: GottaBeMobile via The Droid Guy