UPDATE: Verizon Samsung Fascinate = Froyo? FINALLY! sort of…

Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S

As Galaxy S owners know (at least in the USA)  getting Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) for your variant of the Samsung Galaxy S phone has been disappointing.  Whether it be the Epic 4G, Vibrant, Captivate or the Fascinate, Froyo hasn’t been served properly.  The Epic has had its leaks, The Vibrant can be updated through Mini Kies via Samsung, the Captivate has had leaks and finally, the Fascinate on Verizon Wireless has a leak that you can now download HERE.  This update is courtesy of punk.kaos over at that one site we all love…..xda-developers.com

Remember anything you do to your phone is at your own risk!

The DL30 build of Froyo for the Fascinate is just about as close as you are going to get, outside of the official OTA which should be close now that the leak has been released.  This is great news for Fascinate and Galaxy S owners of all kinds.  It’s great to see Verizon and Sammy making headway on Froyo for the Fascinate.

The downfall to this build is that it pretty much looks like the current ROM (DL09) that’s out now, bloatware and all.  I know the DL09 has come with its share of bugs but hopefully DL30 will take care of some of them.  So head on over to XDA and check out the leaked build, give it a shot if you want and don’t forget to thank those that provided the leak.  Keep on truckin’ Sammy with the updates I still have faith.

Courtesy of XDA