Update, Update, Read all about it:Twitter Update Goes Live

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Ahhh… a breath of fresh air! Finally the much anticipated update to the official Twitter app all of us tweeters have been waiting patiently for is here. But was it worth the wait? Let’s try it out and see.

The update offered not many but some very useful facelifts. First, while you’re typing your tweet, the app now auto-generates friends’ usernames. No longer do you need to have peoples’ twitter names to navigate the memorized list when you tweet them.

Another new addition is the improved UI. It is a lot faster now to navigate the menus; gone is the home menu. The app just goes directly to your timeline now. You can now search local trends as well as worldwide. Do you tweet a lot of photos? Well if you do that is faster and easier to do as well. A couple more improvements are faster replies and retweets, and you can now search your contacts for individuals using twitter.

All in all a good improvement. I use this app  daily and it’s great. I guess the only problem I still have with this application is not being able to upload videos. To get the update, just go to the Android Market. It’s free, so if you are a frequent twitter user then grab this update, and enjoy.