The Highly Hyped Moto XOOM Superbowl Ad

You heard the hype, now have you seen the high-production ad?

Motorola bought a minute of high-priced television early in this year's Superbowl game, to showcase their new XOOM tablet.  Clearly ripping on Apple's 1984 ad (which ran during Superbowl XVIII in 1984 and introduced the Macintosh computer), Moto's ad was a visual treat.  But as to why you'd want a Motorola XOOM, that's a little harder to figure out from what we saw.

The closest I can guess is that if you're stuck in some germ-ridden future world where everyone wears white hoodies and scrubs, ignores everyone else by zoning out to their iPods, and works in sealed glass booths, you can use your tablet to order some flowers and show that cute girl your doodles.  No, I mean your drawings, not those doodles.  And that's not enough to make me want to buy a XOOM, although I'd love to see a movie or two set in this world.

And I have to say, this was a fantastic ad-jam on Apple.  The 1984 ad was attacking IBM, here Motorola used Apple's 1984 ad imagery against what it's become in 2011.  Have a look at the ad (if you haven't already seen it) and let us know what the heck you think is going on.  Does this make you more or less likely to want the tablet?

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