Galaxy S2 and Samsung Orion Processor, Together at Last?

the next galaxy s

Samsung has been making processors for years now (mainly for Apple), yet it was rumored that Sammy, after a large order had been placed for the NVIDIA Tegra 2, would use that chip in their upcoming Galaxy S2 line. Well as you know nothing is to be set in stone without the Official word and it now appears the Samsung will be using their Orion chipset instead.

Although little is known about the Orion chipset other than it will feature dual 1 GHz cores and the Mali-400 quad-core GPU capable of producing 5x the graphics of the original Galaxy S line, it’s going to be fast.  The Galaxy S2 phone will be making its first appearance at Mobile World Congress coming up on February 13, 2010.

It is quite obvious that Samsung is trying to make a real splash again just at the first Galaxy S did, and with over 10 million units sold the first time Samsung is setting themselves up to be the next Apple, using their own chipset and hardware to provide a much better end user experience.

They also have the new Super AMOLED Plus screen that uses the PenTile pixel configuration, rather than the traditional RGB Stripe layout on current devices, which will provide a stunning clarity far beyond that of even Apple’s Retina display.

So do you think Samsung is set to take on the competition being provided by the other big names like Motorola and LG, or do you think the new Galaxy S2 will be the hands down best? It’s hard to say but one thing is certain, these next generation Smart-Devices will make any current device look like a play toy.

Check out the teaser video and a video showing the ARM9 Orion processor below…