Epic 4G Froyo Update Pulled: Issues & Fixes; HTC Aria Gets Froyo!


It looks like the Samsung Epic 4G's update to Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) hit a few snags during release, with the update now out of service. Many Sprint customers were reporting data and SD card issues after the update. Several issues with Calender Sync, Camera, Media Player, and Gallery have been reported as well. Now posted on the Sprint Community Forum are several messages informing customers that the Froyo update is no longer rolling out, along with updated information about possible solutions to the current known issues.

"There have been an increased number of calls into Care regarding issues with the Epic following the upgrade. As a result, the upgrade will not be pushed to more devices until a resolution for these issues is in place"


"Sprint and Samsung are actively working to correct these problems and release the update to all devices."

"The issues being reported are related to data connectivity following the upgrade and SD card issues when attempting to access photos, music, etc. If you are experiencing these issues, a hard reset has been reported to resolve the problems. A hard reset will wipe out all the data on your device, so a backup should be done first."

So according to the Sprint forums it looks like a hard reset should provide a proper fix, and can be done by following the steps below:


To hard reset your device:
1. Turn off your phone
2. Hold the volume down, camera and power buttons until the system recovery screen appears.
3. Use the volume keys to scroll to wipe data/factory reset and select that option using the home key.
4. You will see a warning on the screen telling you that you are about to reset your phone and erase all your personal information.
5. Press the volume up key to proceed. Press the volume down button to exit and not reset your phone.
6. After the reset is complete, use the home key to select reboot system now.
7. Your phone will turn off and turn back on.

As for the SD and Calender Sync issues, you can try the reported solutions listed below:

UPDATE 1: SD Card Index


If you are experiencing issues with the Camera, Media Player, Gallery, or SD card, refresh your SD Card Index following the steps below and power cycle your device to ensure the refresh takes effect:Menu->Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->Select All->Scroll down to Media Storage->Select Clear Data.

Update 2: Calendar sync



Select "All" in the grouping at the top and then select "Calendar" then under "Storage" select "Clear data".

Then go back to the App list and select "Calendar Storage" and do the same. Then open your Calendar then

MENU>SETTINGS>CALENDAR  SYNC>Manage Accounts(Select your account) then un-check it, then  re-check it then go back to the calendar and check to see if the  appointments have sync'd for you.


For more detailed information about the pulled Froyo update, be sure to head over to the Sprint forums for help and to join in on the discussion.

On a positive not, it looks like yet another device will be getting a Froyo update, the HTC Aria on AT&T. Thanks to a message posted on their Facebook page, AT&T announced the release will be happening soon, like within 24 hours soon.

"Alright HTC Aria lovers, we said the Android 2.2 update was coming soon–and we meant it! Check back on the page TOMORROW for a link to learn how to download the update."


Sounds like Aria owners might wanna keep an eye on Facebook for the Froyo information. Hopefully in AT&T's case, the Android 2.2 update will go off without a hitch unlike our friends on Sprint.

Source: AndroidCommunity, AndroidCentral