Slaying Monsters on Android? Count Me In

February 26, 2011 - Written By Michael Mann

NVIDIA Tegra 2? It’s no longer for video watching and awesome multitasking. Add high-quality 3D gaming to the mix. Let’s take a look at the newest game to hit the Android market: Monster Madness.

This high-def game allows you walk around ending the lives of 70 different kinds of monsters, in a killer 3D adventure.  There are a full 5 environments to play in and there is even a co-op mode over Wi-Fi so you can destroy zombies at an awesomely fast, tag-teamed rate.

Monster Madness, for all its 3D goodness, will set your wallet back a few dollars. At $9.99, it’s definitely not cheap, but how can you give up an opportunity for a chance to fight monsters and actually game on an Android device.

Monsters beware, new android devices will only help us begin to defeat you…in 3D! ┬áHere’s the Android Market link to check it out!