Silver Motorola Xoom Caught on Camera; GSM, Wi-Fi Versions on the Way

xoom silver

With the Motorola Xoom sure to make an encore performance at Mobile World Congress next week, and inching closer to release, we now have news that we might be seeing a little more Xoom in the near future. A silver-backed version of the Moto Xoom has shown up in the wild on a video walkthrough shot in Dubai and displayed on website To top off what appears to be a silver model, the rumor mill has spun out news that a WiFi-only Xoom is on the way, and a GSM model as well.

The tablet will be hitting Verizon before we know it, sporting the extremely high price tag of $800, which is still not verified as the actual price. Here's hoping it's not. I'm not sure if Moto and Verizon realize it or not, but most of us are still living in a recession-riddled country. Right now a cheaper, carrier-free, Wi-Fi version is sounding great. Be sure to check out the video below, it does a good job of showing off what a Honeycomb Tablet will offer the Android community.

[vimeo width="585" height="440"][/vimeo]

Source: tbreak