Samsung and NVIDIA collaborating on a Superphone!

NVIDIA Tegra Samsung1

So we’ve all heard these rumors before Samsung and NVIDIA working on a device together and as it turns out they did the Galaxy S Honeycomb tablet will be fixed with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor, but this is obviously not the tip of the iceberg.

Hyungmoon Noh, VP of R&D Strategy Group, at Samsung says, “We´ve worked closely with NVIDIA to raise the stakes again” so us here at Androidheadlines.com are speculating exactly what can they be working on at the bottom of the  press release it states.

“The companies are also partnering to bring a new Android-based super phone with a dual-core CPU to consumers, for never-before-seen experiences.”  with that being said they obviously did’nt say anything about a Tegra 2 specifically, so just maybe we’ll get lucky and see the first device with the 1.2 GHz Tegra 2 3D, considering it says “never before seen experience” . CTIA is in March we hope to see more about this product then…

So what do you guys think?..