REVIEW: HTC MyTouch 4G, The Fourth Generation myTouch


The MyTouch 4G is a different type of phone, well different than the rest of the series before it, phones like the my touch slide, the my touch 3G and the my touch. The original was claimed to be the next G1, it didn't do quite that but the MyTouch 4G could be considered a good distant cousin!


It is the size of most of the next gen phones that are out now, and the one I have for review is a sleek black color. It is very clean looking and is nice looking to my eye, at first glance you wonder what it is. You want to know more. I like the feel of it and look.


You get a 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 which is a Snapdragon, these processors are nice and work well, it gives the MT4G (myTouch 4G) a very slick fast feel to the operating system. It also comes with 768 MB of RAM the memory card is an 8 GB micros SD and it can support up to 32 GB. There is also 4 GB of ROM. So in terms that everyone gets, it is fast and can hold a lot of music, or pictures, and even video.


The screen is 3.8 in (97 mm) Super LCD TFT LCD widescreen 800—480 pixels, which is not quite a 4 inch screen obviously but it feels like it is. You also get a great resolution and your pictures end up looking very clear, the video is crisp as long as you shoot it in good light of course. You also get a Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen display, so you can play the new games out that utilizes two fingers or thumbs to play, there are a few new ones that are really great.


The battery is a 1400 mAh Li-ion, not the biggest battery in one of these devices and you can tell, if you run it a LOT, you may need a second or bigger battery, I run mine quite often and there are days when I can get 6 - 10 hours, other days I use it more and it runs for 6 and stops dead. It all depends on how you use it and what you are doing.

Operating System

The OS is 2.2.1 and so you get flash capable as well as adobe air. Plus the speed of 2.2, which is obviously there. They add a bit of their own tidbits but I will talk about that in the software section rather than here in the OS.


So there seems to be a modified version of the sense UI running here, it is an HTC device but it is not CLASSIC sense, the dock is different, it is more like a stock Android phone, however, the friend stream and weather widget as well as how to add widgets etc is all still here, the HTC browser is there too. It seems that HTC may be making a hybrid version and if it continues down this path, I may actually start liking the sense UI. Before it has felt clunky and with this phone it feels pretty natural!


There is no hard keyboard, just a soft keyboard. It is a nice keyboard but I had to get swype, if there isn't a solid hard keyboard that comes on the phone, I revert to Swype after a week. Interestingly enough there are three soft keyboards on this phone, the regular stock, the Swype keyboard and a new one that seems to be heavily based on voice recognition, it is a full keyboard but the second it pops up it tries to hear sound. Kind of a cool new system and it is called Dragon Dictation, good for when you are on the go and can't stop and type everything out.

Web Browsing,  Camera and Video

I mentioned before that you get the full web experience with adobe flash, it is smooth and works well. If you have used an HTC device before you know the way this works, if not, it will take some getting used to, but it isn't awful or difficult, just different. The camera is nice, there are actually two, a front and rear facing camera, the front facing camera makes it easy to chat with Qik which comes installed automatically. You are able to talk on their HSPA+ network face to face. It seems to work well and is nice that it isn't restricted to wifi.. ZING! The rear camera is a 5mp and takes nice photos and 720p video. No complaints here.

Call Quality

The calls are quite nice, T-Mobile's network is solid for calls, not as much for data as much. It still works and it still gives me 2mb of speed which is good, but I do drop down to edge quite often in Northern Utah.


  • It is sleek and slim
  • Faster internet with HSPA+
  • Good Camera 5 mp which records 720P
  • Modified sense seems NICE
  • Front facing camera offers nice quality.


  • Wishing it was more of a stock experience, not a huge fan of sense
  • The battery life can be short because it has a smaller battery than most newer devices

Conclusions & Final Thoughts

If you have a myTouch or even a G1 still this may be your next step if you are confused on your next purchase. This phone is pretty nice and even though it does everything you would expect an Android phone should. It is a nice upgrade and one of T-Mobile's best phones right now. It is standard with every device out and really shows how powerful it can be, it has a nice design and the interface feels solid. The fact that is is built correctly also shows, it is solid to hold and feel. I recommend this to new or upgrading customers as it is a solid phone and deserves all the press it has received.

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