Ready for a Zombie Apocalypse? Grab a Shotgun and Find Out in Stupid Zombies

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Welcome to Stupid Zombies

Do you think you have what it takes to single-handedly take down hundreds of zombies with only a shotgun? Good. Welcome to Stupid Zombies from GameResort. This free puzzle shooter drops you right into the action with 5 shotgun shells per level. Your goal is to use your precise aim to eliminate the zombies once and for all with your limited amount of ammunition. The levels start off fairly straightforward but get more complex as you progress, making you want to come back for more. The idea and execution of this game is similar to Rovio Mobile’s Angry Birds. Luckily, GameResort added some new aspects to a familiar concept, making this Android game very unique and fun.

Different than Angry Birds?

What makes this game different from Angry Birds is that it actually is a bit more challenging. There are different ways to interact with the world and it is a much welcomed change after playing Angry Birds for so long. Stupid Zombies allows your shotgun shells to bounce back and forth from wall to wall several times before they disappear. This change reminds me of Puzzle Bobble, one of my favorite games on the Neo Geo. With this ability, you can angle your shots so that they kill multiple zombies with one shell! Other than just shooting at the zombies, there are also lots of exploding barrels, steel crates, and wooden boxes which aid in the annihilation of the zombies. Another welcomed addition in Stupid Zombies is the ability to shoot multiple shots in rapid succession. Time two separate shots perfectly and you can redirect a falling barrel or steel crate in just the right way to kill the most zombies!

You’re going to need your imagination and skill in Stupid Zombies. You can interact with the boxes and bricks to take them all out at once.

Level details

On each level, you can get up to 3 stars if you complete a level perfectly. You will need a certain amount of stars to unlock each stage within the chapters. Stupid Zombies will keep you entertained for quite a while because there are a lot of levels to play through. Currently, there are 2 chapters with a total of 240 levels. GameResort has not announced anything yet, but it looks as if they could be adding more stages in future updates judging by the empty space in Chapter 2.

Stupid Zombies Menu
Could GameResort be adding more stages to Chapter 2? Nothing has been announced just yet.

Final Words

If you have an Android device running software version 2.0/2.1 Eclair or higher, you should definitely give this free game a shot. Stupid Zombies incorporates a lot of fun gaming mechanics into an undead puzzle shooter that I couldn’t put down. Go grab the game from the Android Market today and be sure to watch the gameplay trailer below while it’s installing!


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