PowerAMP Gets even MORE Features with 1.1 Update


Ask almost any Android fanboy what their favorite third party music player is, and they will almost always say PowerAMP. The amount of features and support this program has is truly impressive. In their press release they even state that they believe they will still have more features than the stock music app, even the new player in the upcoming Android 3.0 OS (Honeycomb).

Here is a list of all of the improvements now found in the 1.1 update;

  • Audio-focus Android 2.2 API support; PowerAMP now pauses itself if voice search is in progress
  • Dynamic play queue: both Folder and Library files can be enqueued and PowerAMP will return back to the previously played list when queue is complete
  • Custom equalizer presets: any equalizer preset now can be assigned to the specific song or to one of the outputs whether speaker, wired headset or Bluetooth® headset
  • Better MP4/WMAv1-v2/OGG support on devices without NEON (like HTC Hero/Wildfire)
  • Improved WMA Pro, AMR, WAV support
  • Added FLAC 24 bit/96 KHz support
  • New skin: Black Neon, designed for AMOLED displays (see screenshots!)
  • New DELete DUPlicates action for playlists
  • Hierarchical Folders view: where Flat/Hierarchy can be switched in Folders
  • Improved lock screen compatibility with secure/pin lock screens
  • Sleep timer
  • Album art selection: long press on album art in main PowerAMP Screen opens dialog with alternative album art images
  • Support for WMA album art
  • Support for non-rectangular album-art

The trial of PowerAMP can be found here, and the unlocker for the full version (honestly a bargain at $4.99) can be found here.  (Loving that new Android Market, click from anywhere!)