NEW Moto Blur for DROID X Arrives, It's DROID BIONIC!


The folks over at MyDroidWorld have uncovered something worthwhile for all the Droid X owners out there. They have the new Moto Blur version that was featured on the Droid Bionic at CES, only running on a Droid X. As a Droid X owner myself I am very excited about the prospect of getting this new Blur version. It is a great overhaul to the one out currently and looks to reach the level of HTC Sense or may even best it.

It appears to be on Android 2.2.1 so far, which means it should reach Droid X users sooner than a Gingerbread version would. Motorola has a good track record of keeping their phones up to date so this update does seem likely. Check out a video of the Bionic to see this new Moto Blur in action.

New Moto Blur


Source: Droid-Life