Motorola Xoom Super Bowl Teaser Takes Aim at Apple's 1984

xoom 550x5045

We all know what the best part about the Super Bowl is.  That’s right the commercials.  As we approach Super Bowl XLV I keep seeing teaser ads being released.  The latest one I saw was “Goodbye 1984,” due to the article written by our friends at AndroidCentral.com.

In the video you are about to watch you are going to see a well designed teaser giving some of the highly impressive specs by Motorola’s Xoom tablet.  This ad basically says “It’s time for more choices.”  I agree, I believe this will be the year that Android takes over and delivers just that.  Not necessarily just for Motorola, but for all companies who tote the Android OS.  Here’s a little teaser to wet your taste buds.


In case you didn’t know, this Motorola ad is mocking Apple’s Super Bowl ad in 1984.  The ad for Apple went down in history, and was said to have changed peoples lives.  It introduced the Macintosh.  So with that being said, I believe the hype of what Android will bring to the future.  It’s very exciting, and I cannot wait to see what the Super Bowl commercial delivers.

Here is the original Super Bowl ad from 1984 when Apple introduced Macintosh.


Source: AndroidCentral.com