Motorola CEO: “We Will Be One Of The First To Get To Gingerbread.”

February 28, 2011 - Written By Anthony Hardy


Motorola CEO Sanjay made another great announcement today regarding software upgrades to its Android lineup. He spoke about the learning curve the industry went through as a whole last year regarding the timeliness of software upgrades and feels Motorola came out on top. He mentioned it wasn’t until June 2010 that they started to get a secure reign on the upgrade process and notes that they will continue to be one of the best manufacturers in that regard.

Motorola was¬†“one of the first to get to Froyo” and “will be one of the first to get to¬†Gingerbread.” No specific timeline was given, but they are currently testing Gingerbread and a few weeks back leaked photos of a Droid X running the new software surfaced. As a Droid X owner this is very good news, and reaffirms the fact that Motorola is the premier manufacturer when it comes to keeping their products up to date over their lifespan. Any Motorola fans excited about the news today, let us know what you think?

Source: Droid-Life