Motorola XOOM vs. LG G-Slate, Race for Honeycomb Tab Supremacy Begins

xoom g slate

The Motorola XOOM, it’s the tablet that we have all wanted since Andy Rubin, CEO of Google, first teased us with it a little over two months ago. But is it still the ONE? T-Mobile and LG are set to make sure that we can say that we at least have a serious choice.

Enter to the ring the LG G-Slate, T-Mobile’s answer to Verizon’s Motorola XOOM. And while we cannot yet say who will come out the winner, we can compare what we do know about the devices and help you to choose the device right for you.

No matter which you choose to purchase both tablet are going to be game changers, changing not only the landscape of the mobile market but the way we find information and interact with not only each other but with the world around us. This is the beginning of a new world and these devices will be leading the way. As for my choice, how cool would it be to capture all of those special moments in 3D, but we shall see when all the specs are available.

So tell us what you think, do you need a 3D capable device, or do you want raw performance, let us know in the comments below…

Source: Droid Life