Android Collectibles Series 02 Strut Their Stuff, 3 New Photos!

android s2 racer pre

Andrew Bell's site Dyzplastic posted three more pictures of their upcoming Android Series 02 figures. Series 01 of these was an unpredictable hit, and by the looks of these previews it seems Series 02 might be even harder to get! While all 6 of these were originally shown off at the "Come Draw With Me" event back in January, its still nice to see them presented to all on his site. The new three figures' stats (for collectors) are:

  • Bluebot 2/16
  • Rupture 1/16
  • Racer 1/16

Take a look at the gallery below to see the new ones, and the first three are available here. Is anyone else interested in collecting these as well? Anyone have a nice collection of the first set (or specials) they'd like to show off? Let us know in the comments!


Update: According to the Dyzplastic Production Blog, there are four figures with a 2 in 16 distribution, so in any case of sixteen you will get twelve different figures.  In Series 01, you would get ten different figures per case.