MapQuest Brings Another FREE Option to Android Travelers

mq android

When it comes to options, Android is full of them: weather replacements, home screen replacements and music playing applications just to name a few.  Unlike some companies who have a history of not allowing apps that duplicate existing features, Android is all about choices. MapQuest has had their free GPS application on iOS for a while now, and even though Google has their own stock application (Google Maps with Navigation), that doesn't mean they wouldn't let MapQuest do their thing as well.

This one isn't without its features either! Take a look at the details from the MapQuest Blog;

  • Voice-guided/Turn-by-turn Navigation: Your phone tells you where and when to make a turn
  • Voice Search:  Drivers can speak a destination for directions
  • Map Toolbar: Easily find restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations and parking with one click
  • Walking & Driving Directions:  Recommends the best route and the map rotates based on orientation of travel
  • Live Traffic Flow/Incidents: Extensive coverage updated every 5 minutes
  • OSM Maps:  User-sourced maps that may provide unique local perspective and detail
  • Bug Logging for OSM: Standing in front of a new building?  Report it to the community and they'll fill in the missing pieces
  • International Maps: Take MapQuest abroad on business trips (or for you ex-pats) and experience maps improved by mapping enthusiasts

With all of these features and that inticing price tag, why WOULDN'T you give them a shot? You can get MapQuest from the Android Market here, but you should really watch their QR Lego video and scan it for that nostalgic (ok, maybe two weeks ago) feeling.