Lenovo Launching The LePad This LeJune

lenovo lepad 080910

A Lenovo Spokesman announced Friday that the company first tablet computer, the LePad, is set to launch this June between $399 and $449. The tablet will be sporting a 10.1" screen, 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 2GB RAM, 32GB Internal Storage, running Android 2.2. As PCWorld points out, "Lenovo is the world's fourth largest PC maker, and dominates the Chinese market." So this tablet may be successful in China but IntoMobile notes that Lenovo stated previously they would not release a tablet until Honeycomb was ready for use, but they have decided to release this with Android 2.2. If Lenovo can get an update out quickly to upgrade the OS to Honeycomb, it might not be a problem, but it would be hard to justify purchasing a tablet with a non-tablet optimized OS. What is your opinion on this device?

Source: IntoMobile, PCWorld