HTC Thunderbolt, let me count the days…


More news for the HTC Thunderbolt has been released.  Or I should probably say rumors.  The latest rumor is another possible  date of release being February 21st.  Does anyone care at this point?  I mean I do, I think we all do.  We are just so sick of the rumors.  It probably is partially our fault for being so impatient and letting the hype get to us.  But come on already!!!  It’s the first LTE phone by Verizon!!  That said, check out the picture below showing off the possible new release date.

Oh and by the way, the commercial is back up on youtube.  The commercial originally was released in Spanish on February 7th when there were rumors swirling for the 14th release date.  I don’t know if people were reading into it more than they should have, but it was said to count the lightning strikes for the days remaining for release.  If this is true we have eight days remaining which leads us back to the original release date of the 24th.  Here’s the video in English.  Enjoy!


Source: Droid Life