A New Sheriff is in Town, Enter HTC Revolver! Also NEW HTC Phones Killer Lineup!


***Codec Rings*** This is Deep Throat, I have some information… Yeah that's kind of how it went down, a reliable tipster pointed out the unveiling of a new head honcho gracing the AT&T world, and its name is REVOLVER by HTC.

So when can we be expecting this bad boy, you ask inquisitively? Well our sources point to as early as Q3 of 2011.

Remember that so far this is just a rumor and has not been confirmed by HTC but if (and we do want to stress if) the source is accurate, this hombre will be wielding a dual core processor and sporting Android OS 3.0 (Honeycomb).  Honeycomb?


Now currently that OS is only being used in tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab II.  On top of this big news of a possible turning point for smartphones powered by Android (or just a complete mistake), Revolver is clocked at 1.2 GHz, which is faster then any quick draw. Also what seems to be a growing necessity these days, an 8 megapixel camera on back with a nice 3 megapixel camera on the front of its HUGE 4.3 capacitive touch screen. What about memory? Well, don't you worry! This beast comes complete with 16 GB on-board storage and 1 GB of memory, which can hold hundreds of applications and all types of media from MP3's to your favorite movies.

But really… Honeycomb? Is that part of the rumor right or was someone inhaling the smoke signals?

HTC also announced some other phones that will be hitting the market sometime in 2011. Two have been said to be Facebook-centered phones, dubbed Salsa and ChaCha. You can bet these socially sultry ladies will be all the rage when they launch, because these Android-powered HTC phones will have you dancing with Latin passion around Facebook. This proverbial tango will be made easy by the outfitted dedicated "FB" button. Both phones will launch with the latest Android OS 2.4, along with a full QWERTY keyboard for easy status updates, and you can expect to see them sometime during Q2 of 2011.


HTC will also be shelling out new incarnations of some of their popular phones, the HTC Incredible S and HTC Wildfire S.

Wondering if HTC was going to bring out a tablet? Well then you're in luck, as HTC will be releasing a 7 inch tablet named Flyer which has been centered and has a drive for an intense multimedia experience. You can bet you'll get an exhilarating one too knowing that the HTC Flyer will come with a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor, which will pull out all the stops. Have a lot of music, and/or movie files? Take everything with you because you'll have more than enough space with a gigantic 32 GB onboard memory, talk about sharing yourself with the world around you. Our sources have said that the Flyer will come with a service called "Watch" and the OnLive video game service as well, so expect to have the capabilities of downloading content straight to your tablet and have crazy insane gaming battles. She'll launch with Android OS 2.4, but we can expect to see an update to delicious "Honeycomb" sometime during Q2 of 2011.  Honeycomb again?  On a phone! We'll keep looking at that piece of news…

I don't know but HTC is really knocking out some spectacular devices which have me wanting more and more. Seems it's going to get interesting knowing that the Android market is going to have to heavy hitters this year. I'll be glad to see any of these potential talents topple i*hone.


One comment: note that none of these devices are sporting the dual core processors that so many other new phones and tablets are announced with.  HTC has been fairly joined at the hip with Qualcomm for chipsets, and the dual core SoCs aren't ready yet.  Qualcomm made a big announcement today about their upcoming processors, including a quad core processor.

Source: Engadget, IntoMobile