HTC Incredible S Gets Official; Headed to Europe and Asia


The HTC Droid Incredible might be one of the most successful Android phones of last year for Verizon. It was built solid, it got the upgrade to Froyo in a timely manner (unlike some other manufacturers), and the Sense UI didn't hinder the phone's ability to be blazingly fast. And today, at MWC, HTC announced the Incredible S. By the intro into this article you'd think it was coming to the US, Verizon more specifically, as the Droid Incredible 2, but that's not true, yet. As of today's announcement, the phone is going to European and Asian markets.

But enough about carriers and countries, the specifications aren't anything groundbreaking, but they're definitely gladly welcomed in the Android game. The specs are as follows:

  • 4" Super LCD screen with a 480×800 resolution
  • 1GHz Qualcomm 8255 single core processor with 768MB of RAM
  • 8MP camera with dual-LED flash and 720p recording
  • Front facing camera for video calls
  • New Sense UI with rotating navigation buttons
  • Preloaded with Android 2.2 Froyo, but will soon after be updated to 2.4 (may have been a typo and they meant 2.3.3, we'll see)
  • Preloaded with classic books with more available for download.
  • Maps stored on the phone to provide zero wait time loading.
  • 1450 mAh battery
  • Usual WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS
  • 3G data (doesn't look like it will be 4G/LTE/HSPA+ compatible)
  • Same contoured back as the Droid Incredible

Other than the minor screen size bump up to 4", one of the most interesting upgrades is the rotating navigation buttons under the screen. They're exactly how they sound, when you turn the phone into landscape mode, the capacitive buttons that are under the screen rotate to look more user friendly, neat little touch.

What do you guys think of this what seems to be minor update? Will you be interested if it lands on your carrier?

Pictures and hands-on video below.


Pictures: Engadget

and Phone Scoop