HTC Droid Incredible 2 Gets White and Goes Global!

droid incredible 2

The HTC Droid Incredible 2  just got a few new rumors added to its resume. The Verizon Wireless-bound Android smartphone will no doubt be just as successful as its next of kin, the Droid Incredible, but what does it have to offer?

Helping add to the Incredible 2’s slow building hype, courtesy of a source of tech news site Phandroid, comes word that the device will offer Global 3G, and that it will sport a nice white shell with a shiny chrome rim and  smooth contoured back surface. The Global 3G capability of the device would be possible with the addition of a new Qualcomm chip that supports both HSPA and CDMA.

We need to know what is inside this thing, a pretty shell sounds great, but what’s underneath the hood? Hopefully HTC can shed some light on the Incredible 2 at Mobile World Congress next week so we can get some answers.

Source: Phandroid