Honeycomb Features “Render Script” for all Kinds of Hardware Accelerated 3D Goodness

February 2, 2011 - Written By Cameron Summerson

At Google’s Honeycomb even today there were a lot of outstanding announcements; the new YouTube app, video chat, new games, and so much more. The animations were silky smooth, transitions were seamless; all because of a new feature in Honeycomb called Render Script.

Render Script gives Android power like we’ve never seen before. One of the apps used to showcase the hardware acceleration provided by Render Script was the upcoming Google Body app, which provides a 3D tour of the human anatomy with the ability to add and remove layers of bone, muscle, organs, and more. Render Script doesn’t just superpower generalized apps, though – games, multimedia, and the overall user experience will all benefit from this powerful new feature.

Check out the gallery for a few of the 3D images from the announcement today!